1xbet live

1xbet live

What are the 1xbet welcome bonuses and what are the main offers

Imagine that you have just opened an online gaming account and made your first deposit. Now it’s time to play and bet. Many operators offer the possibility of using and redeeming a “1xbet welcome bonus”, that is, a promotion reserved only for new users that allows you to receive several advantages, eg: first bet refunded, 1xbet bonus% on the first deposit (eg if you deposit 10 €, get another € 10 balance 1xbet bonus to play) etc. Here is a summary table of the main offers.

The first deposit for 1xbet sports bets

To understand how 1xbet bets work and really start playing, simply go to bet live your Game Account. How? Follow these few simple steps.

After making the first log in, to make the first top-up and start 1xbet betting, you will have to go, as previously mentioned, to the section dedicated to your Game Account. The main bookmakers accept many payment methods.

The most common and used ones are: bank transfers, credit cards and prepaid ones on Visa, MasterCard, Kalibra, Postepay circuits (one of the safest and most common methods, since it has no fixed management costs and does not require an account current), Sanpaolo.com or Wallet: Neteller, Clickandbuy, Moneybookers, Paypal.

Most bookmakers require new users to send signed contracts with terms and conditions, for reasons of transparency and security. The first deposit, in most cases, must be equal to or greater than the amount of € 10 at the opening of the Gambling Account.

How do 1xbet bets work: how do you make a bet?

At this point, once you have reloaded the Gambling Account you are ready to start betting 1xbet. If you are a beginner, you may find it useful to have a guide on the most used vocabulary in 1xbet sports bets.

You will then have to choose the event, the football match, the tennis match, the sport that interests you most, choose the game of your choice (always checking the odds) and make the bet, automatically displaying the amount of the potential win . So in a few quick steps you have learned how 1xbet bets work and how you bet online.

Almost all bookmakers offer 1xbet welcome bonuses to all new customers. The 1xbet bonus consists of a sum that the platform makes available to the new player: they are money that cannot be withdrawn, but can be replayed for your 1xbet bets. It’s up to you to choose and decide which 1xbet bonus available you prefer!

Many bookmakers offer the possibility of 1xbet betting on football, but also playing basketball and, why not, playing tennis.

Below is an example of a single game on a Serie a event with a final result of x5 and 3.55 for a sum of 5 euros and a potential win of 17.75 euros.

How do I withdraw money from a win?

When you have succeeded in winning and will therefore have the intention to withdraw the winnings, all you have to do is enter your Online Game Account, go to the “withdrawals” area and withdraw the money you won through your Credit Card, Postepay, Paypal, Bank Transfer etc.

The most reliable bookmakers in payments are, simply, all those authorized by AAMS, so you will only have to check on the Internet if the site is safe and accurate.
Your 1xbet betting account

All online platforms dedicated to 1xbet bets have, on the site, a section on the Gaming Account.

This section, for the customer, is very important because, through it, you can monitor all the 1xbet bets in progress. In addition you will have the possibility to update your data and, fundamental for every bettor, to deposit or withdraw from your Gambling Account.

After learning how 1xbet bets work, it is really important for new users to keep in mind that for 1xbet online betting is mandatory to be of age (the player must necessarily be 18 at the time of registration on the platform and send in phase of registration a front and back copy of your valid identity card, generally within 30 or 60 days). Remember to rely only on 1xbet legal betting sites in Italy, with AAMS license number, and to play responsibly. The game is forbidden to children under 18 years.

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